Banana Fibre Blinds

Banana fibre blinds

  • Banana fibre blinds are made from the natural banana tree bark. This material is natural, long lasting and serves as beautiful screens. Usually blinds have a regular look or are too coarse. Banana fibre looks delicate, provides transparency
  • Banana fibre fabric is made from recycled Banana tree barks. It is sliced and then woven to make a translucent fabric made for window treatments.
  • The material is water resistant, durable and looks like an organic screen. The window becomes interesting as one can view through it in the day. During night time, since the light conditions reverse, it can be combined with an opaque layer of curtains to address privacy.
  • The life of this material is a minimum of 5 years. One can fit and forget.There is no recurrent cost of maintenance like washing or drycleaning. These can be dry dusted.
  • These are custom made for each window.
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Natural Material
Green & Sustainable
Water Resistant
Minimum 6 Years Life
Made from Recycled Banana Tree Waste
More Transparent than Regular Blinds
Does not require any Metal Stiffening
No Wash Care

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