• Textile Art for Everyday Life - As we step into a New Year leaving behind a year scarred by the coronavirus pandemic many of us are consciously thinking of our life choices and lifestyles going forward.
  • Striped Cushions: Simple and Stylish! ​ - Striped Cushions: Simple and Stylish! ​ Look around the furnishings of a living space and cushions are perhaps the first element that strikes the eyes. Cushionsof varied shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and textures- are the easiest furnishing to add to a space to lift it, infuse colour and style. Cushions instantly lift a space. They […]
  • A Palette of Festive Colours from Calyz - A Palette of Festive Colours from Calyz Celebrate the Festival of Lights with colourful and bright hues in your home. A special festival offer* awaits you! Diwali, the joyous Festival of Lights, is the first major festival on the Indian calendar as we emerge from the long drawn-out bout of the coronavirus pandemic. As we […]
  • Welcome The Festive Season With Calyz! - Welcome The Festive Season With Calyz! The monsoons have receded leaving the land green, there is a slight nip in the air and also a palpable festive fervour! In the past months, most of us have been compelled to stay indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic. This change in our lives has brought renewed appreciation […]
  • Designer Décor - Designer Décor “Home is where one starts from” is a hauntingly beautiful line in distinguished poet T.S Eliot’s marvellous work Four Quartets. With its spaces, warmth and embrace, a home is truly a physical and emotional anchor at all times, and specially so in the present times shadowed by the coronavirus cloud. Keeping one’s home […]