Calyz Pink Orange Placemat Napkin Set


Made with colourful stripes this series of mats and napkins will surely elevate your table this festive season.

The set has 2 place mats and 2 napkins.

Discover their softness and absorbency. Celebrate the seasonal vibe of sheer joy!

Handcrafted with care these products will impart the warmth when you use them or gift your friends and family.


Tint of Pink and Orange the two bright fresh colours come in combination in these set of mats. Inspired by the great artists we introduce the bold color pallette for our new placemats. Struck by the high contrast and embellished with a chevron stitch structure these textiles impart a festive, lively and joyful ambience to the space. Pick a combination or take the entire assortment. Coordinated with our diverese range of napkins these mats are sheer delight to have around! Use them for a meal, To define a space or decorate a console. Wherever seen this set is sure to catch attention and make you feel special.

Placemat size: 13×19″ (2 nos)

Napkin size : 14×21″ (2nos)


Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 2.5 cm



100% cotton


Collaged fabric


Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


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