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Softening Summer with Style

Softening Summer with Style

As winter slowly leaves, the air steadily turns warmer, drier and dustier! Daylight hours are longer and the sunlight more intense. It is wonderfully energizing to have bright, natural light streaming indoors; cross ventilation through inner spaces; and views of the outdoors especially of bougainvillea vines full of colourful bracts and trees dotted with flowers. Yet, a little softening of the glare of sunlight and sieving of the hot, dusty summer air during the day is most welcome.

A natural protection from the elements is ideal, and offering just that are stylish banana- fibre blinds from Calyz! 

The banana-fibre blinds from Calyz are in keeping with the studio’s philosophy of designing handcrafted products from natural fibre fabrics and materials as seen in its range of artistic cushion covers, curtains, quilts, kitchen textiles, masks and textile art that are handcrafted from natural materials. 

By their very nature banana fibre blinds are organic and breathable. In addition, the process of creating them is environment-friendly and involves the work of artisans.

Work on the processing of banana-fibre commences once the harvesting of bananas is completed. The hollow pseudo-stems of the banana plants are processed by splitting them into strips, soaking the strips in vats for 8-10 days to soften the fibres, then washing and drying the fibres. Once the fibres are completely dry, they are hand-spun into yarn. The complete process of yarn production takes up to a month. After this the fabric is hand-woven on a loom with the yarns.

Like grapes whose quality depends on the terroir of the vineyards, similarly the quality of banana fibre also depends on different attributes of the land the banana plantation is grown on. Calyz sources quality banana-fibre fabric, processed from healthy banana plants, to offer customers premium blinds that weather the elements well.

The banana-fibre blinds from Calyz are tough in their being, yet delicate to look at! Fitted in windows, they create a lovely light screen that provides transparency while offering privacy during the day. So, one can continue to enjoy outdoor views with softened light streaming indoors as well as fresh air slipping in through the weave.

Banana-fibre blinds are ideal for windows, doors and as partition screens. Of natural beige tones, inherently strong, bio-degradable, water-resistant and durable, they exude an organic, natural and stylish look.

As the blinds have an inherent stiffness, they do not require metal rods for giving them structure or support. The banana-fibre blinds thus seamlessly combine traditional practises, handcraft, functionality, design and respect for the environment.

The banana-fibre blinds may be combined with a set of opaque cloth curtains from Calyz on the inner side of windows for privacy during the post-sunset hours when the light conditions reverse and the indoors are lit while the outdoors are dark. For large windows, Calyz provides a motorized option for both the blinds and cloth curtains so they may be easily operated with a remote.

At Calyz the blinds are custom made for each window. Given the time and effort involved in hand-processing the banana-fibre and hand-weaving the banana-fibre yarns, the blinds are reasonably priced at Rs 455 per square foot. The price calculator at the Calyz website makes it easy to get an estimate for the blinds you wish to order. This price includes the material, customized stitching, the hardware for manual operation of the blind and installation.

The banana-fibre blinds from Calyz last for a minimum of five years. Maintenance involves only dry dusting, with typically no requirement of washing or dry cleaning. So simply order the blinds online, have them fitted by our expert, and enjoy their beauty and benefits!